Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fotoweek DC

Great fun was had by all at the end of week 'Fotoweek DC Gala'.  These photos were taken at National Geographic's Reception hall.  Max Taylor and I took turns making these portraits in our Black Satin Foto Booth.  
Here's the group of major coordinators for Fotoweek DC.  Special thanks to Paul Fetters and Irene Owsley.  They are in the front in grey suit jacket and leopard print--Paul's the one in the jacket.  
Aaron Machado (one with bow tie) emailed me to request seeing these photos from the Gala.  
Aaron gets airborne.  
Clay Blackmore & his lovely wife Lilia.  
Gary & Kit Putnam, so great to see them.  Founders of one of the great lab "Black & White" in Arlington, VA.  If anyone is interested, I have some cool 'behind the scenes' shots of a tour that Gary gave my assistant and I of his lab.  The lab will be closing at the end of 2008.  

Two lovely ladies presenting the founder of Fotoweek DC, Theo Adamstein.  Theo is a phenomenon with public relations, and I hear that these photos will be published in local publications, and on the web site.  

If you find your photo from the Gala on this web site, you are welcome to print a copy for yourself for free.  If you prefer photographic paper, reprints from all the shots I took at Fotoweek DC may also be purchased from my online print provider at:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fotoweek DC
Tuesday, November 19th 2008, Michael Cunningham's Presentation
(Discovery Communications hosted Luncheon Presentations throughout the week.)  
Michael Cunningham checking out his own work in the Gallery Hall at Discover Communications.  
Michael laughing about checking out his own work, with his brother.  
'Okay, one portrait of the brothers before they leave.'  (In his presentation, Michael detailed how much his family inspired and encouraged him in accomplishing this project.)  

One of the most anticipated presentations of the week was by Michael Cunningham.  Where some photographers play music during their slide shows, Michael goes above and beyond.  He actually had a live singer performing at his presentation.  Michael's photos of Church Hats as worn by ladies in Southern African American Churches, became a series he called "Crowns", which then became a book, then became the basis for a nationally acclaimed play that has been performed in over 200 locations.  WOW

Actress, singer, performer Grabrielle Goyette, relaxes before her performance.  She performs regularly at Arina Stage in Washington DC.  Her voice timed with the photo series got me a little misty eyed.  

Fotoweek Central at 3333 Wisconsin Ave in DC
This gallery goer, I believe might actually be looking at one of my photos
Yes, here it is.  This is my tiny image among thousands.  I can now say I did get some of my work presented at Fotoweek DC.  

Fotoweek DC

What a great event - .  Fotoweek DC just wrapped up, and I was privileged to be a volunteer.  This was the first annual Fotoweek DC, and when I first heard about it, I though it might be rather small: maybe 10 venues with 10,000 visitors.  However, I was blown away with what it turned into.  There were over 100,000 visitors to over 60 venues in and around Washington DC.  

One of the coolest things was seeing some of my Photographer Heros.  I hope to attache a few photos of my favorite events.  Photos coming soon.